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The Carrington Heritage Professional Development Trainings Initiative

The Carrington Heritage Centre for Professional Development Trainings Initiative (CHCPD) is a global knowledge based education initiative conceived in the United Kingdom (UK) which specializes in professional career trainings, education curriculum and content developments for business and management professionals’ continuous career development via courses/seminars/trainings and teaching classes around the world.

Our primary objective is to help develop the skills of professionals to enable them tackle existing challenges, to adapt to a changing work environment and grow within their organisation. We have continually achieved our objective of impacting professionals globally through our taught trainings or curriculum developed training programmes packages facilitated by our training partner centers around the world.

Our training programmes cover most aspects of business and management. These areas include but not limited to Strategic Business Management, Business Office Administration, Human Resource Management, Advanced Human Resources Management, Change Management, Customer Service, Client Relationship and Retention Management, Project Management, Sales and Marketing Management and lots more.

Our training programmes have been designed to provide the very best training for staff of all levels – from junior personnel, mid-level officers, senior managers, to directors of organisations and entrepreneurs. The initiative also offers custom designed programmes to meet the specific training requirement of organisations and business managers around the world. We look to deliver trainings that will impact business and management strategies all around the world via our oversea training partners.

Our professional training certificates are reputable and looked upon as evidence of requisite knowledge on a training area by employment organisations, professional institutions and academic institutions around the world.

Since 2007, the CHCPD trainings initiatives have specialized in business and management trainings to develop a business-savvy, mission-focused workforce. With an alumni population of over 100,000 participants, our unique and innovative business and management learning solutions have reached leaders and team members around the world and across every industry.

Our client list features notable companies and long-established government agencies around the world. Many of these organizations have documented measurable improvements that are directly attributable to our trainings. We have partnered with educational and training centers as well as teachers across Africa, Asia, Middle East and Europe.


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